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Why is it important to use total enterprise builders?

Imagine what would happen every time you had to make a BLT you had to call in all of the relevant experts separately. Before slicing the bread, you first had to find a baker who had time on his hands. Not to mention a skilled carving expert, qualified to handle sharp tools. Then a Gardner would be next, to grow us a lettuce. And lets not get into the pig farmer, who needs to follow strict guidelines and raise and slaughter his animals in line with all of the laws. Its easy to see how a simple sandwich can become a logistical nightmare, and we are only talking about a BLT. Imagine it were a new build project or a new kitchen extension.   You will need to plan everything from the  tradesman, to the materials needed to complete the task. Don’t panic, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of building professionals who carry out the total enterprise. This means sourcing qualified electricians and plumbers comes under the builders remit, leaving you free to plan and design your task. In the case of an extension, although details are important, you as the customer need to be confident that any task can be managed by your builder, without undue stress to you. We have all seen home improvement shows, and are aware of problems that can arise when different trades occupy one space. A builders job is to plan who and when does what job, in order to prevent paths crossing. For example builders and project managers have experience and know not to book painters until electricians are finished with fixings. When booking a builder, it is not just his labor you are benefiting from, you are also using them to plan timelines and source specialist trades, and make sure the job runs smoothly. They will have connections and resources and can avoid planning issues from arising. By doing this you have less stress and are free to concentrate on design rather than logistics.

Total enterprise may also work out cheaper in the long run, as you do not need to hire individual trades separately. For example Kitchen fitters will often employ plumbers to install taps on a full time basis. This means they can achieve economies by not hiring outside labor, often at a higher cost. Also a builder who can complete a project, offers a clearer final price than working out all of the separate trades. Finally all communications are to one person and therefore clear. Too many cooks spoil the broth, so keep it simple and plan directly with one expert to avoid confusion. Stick to these rules and you have a much better chance of realizing your dream project.

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