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It is said that good masonry lasts over 100 years. Even though a house or garage may last a really long time, it may be necessary to change the joints along the way so it’s going to be new and no moisture enters. Masonry has a lot of control over whether the house is in need of repair. Get a great offer from craftsman and builders and get one step closer to a good result.

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When rendering often the mortar layer becomes too thick, which will cause it to peel off. If you do not know what you are doing, there may also be a cracking damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to get 3 free offers and find the best one.

There is something completely magical about renovating your house or a garage. It gives your house a brand new and modern look. It is typical to render in a grey mortar colour, but now screed can be obtained in white, red, yellow, green, blue, brown and many more colours.


The bathroom is a very important room. It is a room we all use several times daily. Our experts specialise in making bathrooms look really amazing.

There is a lot to remember when making a bathroom. If you do not have a bathroom sealed properly before laying tiles, you will end up with water damage and replace the tiles. Get an expert if you want it done correctly.

When the floor is laid, it is important that there is a proper drop so that the water flows into the grate. The floor has a certain drying time and if it cures too quickly it will crack.

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Perhaps you have bought a house that you would like larger. Perhaps you miss having a living room to be in during the summer. Perhaps you need a garage for your car or storage. Our experts build garages and various extensions in bricks and other materials.

When you build or an extension there are many things to take into account. a mason knows about such tasks. First, the foundation must be laid, which is to be a level shelf, typically in concrete.


There are so many curiosities that can be found in each build. In addition to the many rules that apply to building projects.  We are here to make sure nothing is overlooked.

It’s a good idea to pick up an expert builder offer, and not just throw yourself into such a project if you do not have a masonry education. There are so many rules and it can quickly end up with problems.  So leave it to an expert.